Patents Filed

December 15, 2107. New Biotic filed 2 provisional patents on blood diagnostic biomarkers to quantify degrees of excitoxicity in ALS and other neurological and psychiatric disorders with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  There is currently no simple blood biomarker to characterize the pathophysiology of ALS and several other neurological diseases.  The diagnosis of ALS is based on physical descriptions and the exclusion of confounding disorders. Although the disease is easily recognized in its later stages, it is very difficult to diagnose during its early stages. Due to the need for the development of a patient’s symptoms, there is often a diagnostic delay of months to years. The diagnostic process can take between 13 to 18 months or even longer and this delay prevents appropriate treatment from being administered. The availability of a simple blood diagnostic biomarker would open up an exciting avenue to diagnose and screen many neurological diseases.

New Biotic