There is new hope for those suffering with ALS.


Breakthrough Is Coming

Though Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) still only affects a proportionately small amount of the population, its effects are devastating. There is still mystery surrounding this debilitating disease as scientists are still only working with theories as they try to determine the root cause. Years of research and development have yielded little progress in finding a cure - until now


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Since 1962, there have been over 330 clinical studies for ALS with only two drugs approved by the FDA. The first drug, Rilutek™ was approved more than 20 years ago. It only extends life by 2-3 months. Recently the FDA approved Radicava, which was shown to slow down the disease progression for certain patients, but did not prolong lives.  RaphaLX™ is different.

RaphaLX™ has shown great promise in early tests. It not only prolongs life, but in certain cases can reverse the condition. This has been demonstrated through a limited sampling of human case studies which will be verified through upcoming pilot studies and clinical trials.

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